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Simple tips on how to prepare delicious garden egg sauce

Simple tips on how to prepare delicious garden egg sauce

Do you want to try a local sauce with your meal? Garden egg sauce is the best choice for you. It is rich in vitamins like Potassium, Vitamin B1, and other important vitamins. Garden egg sauce is also very easy to prepare.
Here is how you can prepare your delicious garden egg sauce:
Take note that you should only buy garden eggs that are fresh and not over-matured because the seeds in the over-matured ones won’t blend with the sauce easily. The best type of garden egg to use is the white one or the off-white.
Before preparing the garden egg sauce, prepare what you want to eat it with or do them together. You can enjoy garden egg sauce with boiled yams, boiled plantain, white boiled rice or boiled potatoes.
To prepare garden egg sauce, you need your local small mortar and pestle or you make use of your blender.

6-8 large garden eggs any type you prefer
2 tablespoons Groundnut oil or Palm oil (palm oil is the best choice)
1/2 of a medium onion (Thinly Sliced)
2 large tatashe (Bell pepper), 2 hot peppers (Rodo) and 1 medium size onion (Rough Blended)
2 Freshly boiled mackerel fish or 2 smoked mackerel fish
1 Tablespoon blended crayfish
Salt – to taste
Seasoning (optional)
Locust beans (iru)
Directions for preparation:
Boil the garden eggs for 5 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside to cool. Remove the garden eggs skin by pulling it gently on the thin white coating. Chop the peeled garden egg and crush them slowly in the mortar.
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Pound the pepper and locust beans in a mortar until it’s smooth or grind in a blender, Slice the onions very thin, separate the fish from the bone to form flakes.
Put your pot add the palm oil or vegetable. Note that palm oil is the best to use because it adds color to the sauce and makes it attractive.
As the oil is hot, pour in your sliced onions until it sizzles, add the ground pepper in the oil and add the crayfish, add your
preferred seasoning, locust beans and salt cook for 10 minutes.
Add the garden egg puree in the pot and stir a bit, cover it to steam up for about 2 minutes and your delicious garden egg sauce is ready.

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