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These 10 Pictures proves Hushpuppi is the biggest boy in Nigeria, See how he spends his Money

These 10 Pictures proves Hushpuppi is the biggest boy in Nigeria, See how he spends his Money (PHOTOS)

It is no longer news that Malaysia-based Nigerian millionaire Hushpuppi is one of the most talked about rich kids as he never fails to post pictures of his luxurious lifestyle on social media.
Just few days back it was reported that Hushpuppi threw a lavish birthday party for his 8-year-old beautiful daughter, Julia in Dubai. He was also reported to have showed off his babymama at the party.
As his source of wealth still remains a mystery to many, the young millionaire has never failed to keep his followers updated about his current location as you will find him posting various pictures of him shopping or having a nice time in a private jet.

Looking at his luxurious lifestyle on social media it is obvious that Hushpuppi can said to be the ‘biggest boy’ in Nigeria at the moment. Going through his Instagram handle, below are the 5 reasons that would prove that Hushpuppi is indeed living large.
The young millionaire surely has a taste of class as he loves the comfort and privacy of a private jet. Few days back, he was seen in the jet with one of his friends reading magazines and gisting together. Also, he posted another picture of him in a private jet having a bottle of wine as he enjoys his flight.

Rarely would you see Huspuppi rocking another top designer aside Gucci. His love for the brand is immeasurable, starting from his T-shirts, shoes and bags. It’s Gucci all the way.

Aside for his ending love for Gucci shoes, bags and clothes, Hushpuppi never jokes with his Louis Vuitton perfumes. He does not only love to smell nice but classy and expensive.

When it comes to relaxation the young man makes sure he picks a place full of class as he never settles for less. Recently, Hushpuppi was seen enjoying a luxurious vacation in Santorini, Greece.

He surely knows how to enjoy life o!

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